The Homer No. 1

The Homer No. 1 is a small (6cm x 4cm x 3cm) camera along the lines of the Hit, but with a somewhat different body design. Made by Kambayashi & Co. Ltd of Japan c1960.


Lens: Meniscus with waterhouse stops for sunny and cloudy.

Shutter: fixed at about 1/50 second.

Focus: Fixed

Film: 16 mm rollfilm on spools with paper backing.

Transport: Thumbwheel advances film until next frame number on paper backing is visible through a small, green window on the camera's back.

Image: 14 x 14 mm



McKeown's** lists the price as of 1997/98 publication as $65-$100.


My Observations:

This camera is not easy to load with home-slit film, as the film must be taped to a paper backing and wound tightly on the spool. The Agfa APX 100 I used is stiff enough to want to unwind if not held tightly, which makes it almost impossible to load into the camera except in a changing bag at the same time that the spool is wound. Also, the paper backing may not be useable for more than a few reloads, and may be hard to replace. Not one of my pride-and-joy cameras, but silly enough to be fun.

**McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1997/1998, Amphoto/Watson-Guptill, NY