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The Weekly Poll

March 6, 2000

This week's question was:

What is your favorite film/developer combination to use with submini cameras? (You might list several favorites, depending on application.)


For general purpose submini work, I have been getting excellent results using Kodak Tmax100 and Xtol 1:1. For 16mm, I develop in a Yankee plastic tank with normal agitation. For Minox film, I have used the pill bottle method and the Minox tank with equally good results.

"James Jones" <>

My favorite so far seems to have evolved to being Ilford HP5-plus and developed in D-76, with the film rated at 1600. I've shot way more of this than anything else in the 4 months I've been re-playing (after a 15 year hiatus) with my minox and minolta subs.

It seems to work best for me this way -- I use the camera as a go-anywhere shooter, and most of my time (sadly) is spent while on the job indoors. If I am shooting outdoors, and have time time to shoot more leisurely, I feel silly limiting myself to such a small format.

But playing sneak indoors and never needing a flash (at 1600 you can shoot it if you can see it and rarely go below 1/20th of a second) fits my need for the minox to a T. Using this film the results are surprisingly good, as seen in my post on the sub mini web site gallery.

"Charlie Trentelman" <>


I had always been a Tri-x, Plus-x Panatomic-x man (unfortunately the latter is discontinued) but lately I have been using the T-max films in my Minox and really like them.

Developers: HC-110 or Rodinal. I like the well defined, crisp grain structure. I find it much more pleasing than the soft edged grain from some other developers. HC-1100 with different dilutions is very versatile.

Ken Trettin <>


For best results Techpan (at 50) w/TD-3 or Rodinal +sodium sulfite.

For fast arty stuff Tri-X w/ID-11.

mark hahn <>

My "normal" set up is APX 100 in HC-110 dilution B for about 6 mins at 68 degrees.

Tri-X at about 1600 speed (following recommendations from the list): I processed it in HC-110 dil. "B" for 16 min at 68 degrees

Tim Verthein <hepcats@USLINK.NET>