The "Arrival" Gallery

Photos from our first 6 months in London.

Last updated January 12, 2002

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The front of our house
view from Katy's room
Looking South from balcony

The front of our house.
Backyard view from Katy's room
Looking South from the 4th floor balcony

Katy's room before remodeling

"After" remodeling photo will go here. Stay tuned.

kitchen before remodeling

Kitchen after remodeling

Katy's room before remodeling

The "kitchen" before remodeling

The kitchen after remodeling, same view.

D.H. Lawrence sign

Abbey Road zebra crossing

Abbey Road NW8 sign

The pond behind our house in 1907.

Sign on the house 4 doors up from our house.

This could be the start of a great album cover!

Street sign 2 blocks from our school, outside the EMI Abbey Road Studios.

Family at Brighton Beach
Andrew and Katy in photo cutout

We visited Brighton by train for a day at the beach.

The fish and chips have a strange effect on Andrew and Katy.

Andrew and Katy in Budapest
Pest seen from Fisherman's Warf in Buda
Castle in Csesznek, Hungary
Andrew reading at Csesznek

Andrew and Katy on the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest.

View across the Danube from atop the Fisherman's Bastion (looking into Pest from Buda)

The castle ruins in Csesznek, Hungary.

Andrew enjoys visiting the Csesznek ruins.

90% eclipse
99% eclipse
Eclipse hug

The solar eclipse of 8/11/99 seen from Balatonfüred in Hungary.

99% totality. Only a few seconds to go...

Totality! At Balatonfüred this lasted 2 min 23 seconds.

Moments after the end of totality, we are all nearly in tears.

Eclipse viewers
Katy in Lake Balaton
Andrew and Katy with "Bobbie"
Family in St. James's Park

The eclipse drew a crowd to our hotel, including a tour group of Japanese amateur astronomers.

Lake Balaton was also a lovely place to relax and enjoy the sun, as Katy demonstrates.

Andrew and Katy with guard at Buckingham Palace

Katy, Andrew and Caryn at St. James's Park, near Buckingham Palace

Katy with big Heath oak

Kenwood House
Fireworks at Kenwood

Katy shows how large an old oak tree in Hampstead Heath is.

(This place will show Katy inside a large hollow tree in the Heath.)

The Kenwood Estate in Hampstead Heath (seen in the movie Notting Hill).

The Brits love fireworks. These are at the Kenwood Estate, in Hampstead Heath.

Andrew and Katy feed pigeons
Kids in York
York Minstrel
Ron with Minox

Katy and Andrew enjoy feeding the pigeons in Trafalger Square.

We visited York, and saw the Minster and Viking ruins.

The York Minster as seen from Clifford's Tower

While climbing to the top of the Minster, Katy photographed Ron photographing Katy (with a Minox, of course!).

Park in York

Autumn in the Heath

A lovely park near our Bed and Breakfast in York

Back in Hampstead, autumn comes to the Heath

Andrew and Katy at the Tower Bridge, over the Thames.

180 degree panarama
180 degree panoramic view from our 4th floor balcony, with our friend Doug Swain.

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