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March 19, 2000

This week's question was:

Do you have a Submini-related web page? If so, what is the URL, and a brief description?

I have a site that I set up to be my "minox bookmarks away from home"as it is basically a list of links to my favourite Minox sites that includes some handy direct links to eBay minox sales

I am planning more content and I am waiting to take delivery of my Olympus ES-10 neg scanner to help with my Minox slitter & camera dissasembly info ...

Cheers from Wellington, New Zealand

John Shaw

My Minox webpage is:

It is a collection of cameras and accessories for sale, pictures and descriptions of the cameras and accessories, and snippets of Minox history. Contributions are from readers. I also have more Minox photos elsewhere on my site, of my work and play around the world. Not all are Minox photos, but many are.

Steve Uhrig, SWS Security, Maryland (USA)

So far all I've posted is a DOF chart and exposure guide for the Minolta 16-II, and some notes and photos about making a submini flash from Fuji disposable camera parts.

Marcus Brooks <>

Yes, I have a web page w/a 16 mm page link. I also have some formulas and faq concerning some 16 mm subminis. Most of the site is pictures. URL is

Donald E. Stowe (Don) <>

It's not much, mostly just a gallery of my old and new Minox pictures and it's called Minox Madness:

James Jones <>

I have plans for a "new" film slitter design and the beginnings of a gallary of photos taken with subminis. I also have a link to this "Weekly Poll" site.

Ron Pedelty <>

I have an on-line catalog with sub-miniature cameras for sale, and a fewlinks relating to sub-miniature cameras. The URL is

Kevin M. Bell <www.Camera-Collectors.Com>

My little spot on the web where I offer up a serving of subminiature photography. My submini work thus far includes Minolta 16mm cameras, and Minox cameras using 9mm film

Tim Verthein <>

Right now it is only a gallery and some items for sale. I am working on a gallery of Minox accessories, and will also post some instruction sheets and books when I get time.

Mark Tharp<>









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