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last updated April 1, 2000

In 1994, I was living in Moscow, Russia and happened upon a Kiev 303 in a market. Cute little camera; I had to buy it. It came with 2 rolls of film, but I couldn't find anyone (in Moscow or, later when I returned to the U.S.) who could either process it or sell me more. It sat in a closet for a year or two. I took it out one day and decided to try again, and, following a lead, bought some film by mail which was supposed to work. It was Minox film, didn't fit, and cost me a small fortune! In my pusuit of film, I ran into many interesting and helpful folk who not only knew about this camera, but had many submini cameras, and sources of film, processing, and helpful support! I was hooked! I now have about 30 submini cameras, and it is my goal to get pictures out of each and every one. As I acheive success, I'll post my results here. Wish me luck!

Thanks are owed to the following:

Al Doyle, who was patient and helpful when I knew nothing at all.

The Submini ListServe, maintained by Larry Feldman, and all who contribute to it.

The Sub Club, hosted by Joe McGloin.


The Cameras

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Stylophot Color

with cassettes.




Mamiya 16 Super

Model III





Homer No. 1

with film in foil and take-up reel




 Mikroma II

with cassettes